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Latest Projects

These pages contain discussions of various projects that we have done here and that you may be interested in doing yourself. In all cases we have tried to give illustrated step-by-step instructions, leaving nothing out, so that you can have confidence when you try the same thing. We try to give sources and prices for all the items we use.

We welcome your comments and feedback! We especially want to hear from you if you have also attempted to complete one of these projects and we would like to hear about your experience.

Many of the circuit boards and parts used in these projects are available from our store. Or, feel free to contact us for more information on purchasing completed, working and tested units.

Self Bias ESL Power Supply - A nifty way to generate the High Bias Voltage without using any AC mains power..

Segmented Electrostatic Speaker Guide - Electrostatic speakers provide crystal clear sound and a very precise sound stage image. Learn how you can build your very own pair.

Full Range Segmented ESL Guide - Guide to making a full range version of the ESL. This is a work in progress, so watch as it evolves. Learn how you can build your very own pair.

ESL High Voltage Power Supply - Guide to building a high voltage supply to power an ESL Speaker. Learn how you can build your very own pair.

Soft Start - Guide to building a device to gently power up a large power supply.